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Come back to Scarlet Springs with Breaking Free


If you've missed Megs and the Team, Knockers, Bear and the whole crazy Scarlet Springs crowd, Breaking Free is your ticket back to Scarlet Springs. It's also a chance to see some of your favorite I-Team characters.

Winona Belcourt, the younger sister of Chaska Belcourt (Tempting Fate, Colorado High Country #4) finally gets her happily ever after when she meets Jason Chiago, whom we first met in Breaking Point (I-Team #5). He's the Shadow Wolf who helped Marc Hunter, Gabe Rossiter, Julian Darcangelo, and Kat James track Natalie Benoit in the Sonoran Desert after she'd been abducted by a drug cartel.

Some of your I-Team series favorites are in this book, including Zach and Natalie, Gabe Rossiter and Kat James, and the entire West clan. Yes, we get to hang out at the Cimarron, everyone's favorite place (and the place we all wish we could visit).


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The Cobra Elite Series continues with HARD LINE


Malik and Kristi reunite in Hard Pursuit

Cobra operative Malik Jones and RN Kristi Chang had a red-hot fling in Antarctica. Though they haven't stayed in touch, they can't stop thinking about each other. But fate has plans for the two of them, bringing them together once again in Nigeria. It just might be the most hair-raising Cobra adventure yet.

I've loved Malik's character throughout the Cobra series. Kristi was a fun character to write when she was introduced in Hard Line. Smart with a good sense of humor, she had some laugh-out-loud moments. By the time I'd finished writing Hard Line, I knew that they were perfect for each other and that I'd have to get them together again for their own high-octane adventure.

Here's a description of the story:

She walked away once...

When ER nurse Kristi Chang met former Army Ranger Malik Jones in Antarctica eighteen months ago, they agreed to sex with no strings. She had no idea that Malik would turn out to be the most fun she'd ever had. Or that a big, bad soldier could be so sweet. Or that she would still be thinking of him more than a year later. Now working with an international aid organization in Nigeria, Kristi regrets letting him go. When gunmen suddenly attack and tear her from her medical unit and force her at gunpoint to care for their leader, she knows she'll have to use her wits if she wants to stay alive. She warns her captors that she's married to a Ranger named Malik who will kill any man who touches her. If only that were true...

Now he'll do anything to free her...

Malik hasn't forgotten a single incredible moment he spent with Kristi. When he gets the news that she's been abducted, he is gutted and wants to get Cobra's guns into the fight to free her. A veteran of more than a few rescues, he knows only too well how brutal captivity can be for a woman and wants to get her out of there as soon as possible. But the State Department decides to let local authorities handle the situation and gives Cobra a different assignment, leaving Malik no choice but to quit the job he loves to go after Kristi himself. But locating her in an area bigger than the state of Texas and freeing her from a band of ruthless killers by himself isn't going to be easy.

But the threat is greater than they realize...

When Malik appears out of nowhere and saves her life, Kristi thinks she's dreaming. As she recovers from her ordeal, the heat between them once again flares into passion. This time, however, its not just about lust and physical pleasure. Their hearts are on the line. But in rescuing Kristi, Malik has kicked the proverbial hornet's nest, unleashing the wrath of a ruthless criminal organization bent on revenge. It will take all of their strength and skill to survive—and turn this second chance at romance into the love of a lifetime.

Hard Pursuit will be out on Dec. 15, just in time for the holidays. I hope you'll enjoy reading their story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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The Cobra Elite Series continues with HARD LINE


Thor Isaksen finally gets his own happily ever after in HARD LINE. A Danish special forces veteran who once served in the Arctic, he's uniquely suited for Cobra's new mission to Antarctica. There, he meets Samantha Park, an astrophysicist, whose best friend has just died.

It was strange writing a story set in the coldest place on earth while living through a sweltering hot summer here in Colorado. But it was nice to imagine the cold at least. While my characters were fighting to survive in the cold, I was sweating at my desk.

Here's a description of the story:

A woman dragged into danger...

Dr. Samantha Park's life is shaken when her best friend and research partner dies barely two months into their eight-month stretch at the South Pole. She hasn't begun to face her loss when men from Cobra International Security arrive to recover sensitive military components from a crashed satellite—and ask her to come with them. As a scientist, she has always been suspicious of the military, and flying across Antarctica in austral winter is more like suicide than a rescue mission. But when she hears what's at stake, she agrees to help and is forced to put her trust in Thor Isaksen, the tall, broad-shouldered Dane who leads the Cobra team.

The only man who can keep her alive...

Thor served as an elite soldier in Afghanistan and spent two years as part of a Danish spec-ops unit patrolling sea ice in the Arctic. He's used to the cold and constant darkness. That's why he's been tapped to lead this mission. Under orders to do whatever he must to keep a dangerous weapon from falling into enemy hands, he's prepared for every scenario—except one. Samantha, with her blue eyes and brilliant mind, takes him by surprise. She's confident in her abilities as a scientist and yet so unsure of herself as a woman. Stuck at the station with his team until the weather clears, he can't ignore the growing attraction he feels for her even if she's the last thing he should be doing on the job.

A killer who will destroy them all...

As temperatures drop to one hundred below, the heat between Thor and Samantha flares out of control. But a killer is lurking on station, someone with an agenda that threatens not only the lives of every person there, but also global peace. It will take all of Thor's skill and strength to stop the murderous traitor—and keep himself and the woman he loves alive.

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Dylan Cruz gets his story in HARD EDGE

The Cobra Elite Series continues with book four — Hard Edge — which tells Dylan Cruz's story. Dylan, a former Navy SEAL, finds himself stranded with Sister María, a beautiful young nun, after a hostage rescue goes awry. It's up to him to get her safely away from a murdering cartel boss and out of Venezuela. But Sister María isn't who she seems to be.


Here's a description of the story:

Gabriela Marquez came to her parents' homeland of Venezuela to help its people. Working undercover for the CIA as Sister María, a Franciscan nun, she spends long days at the mission, giving food to the poor, helping the sick—and keeping a close watch on local drug trafficking. When a violent raid makes her a hostage together with two American journalists, she finds herself the prisoner of the very cartel she's been spying on. Fortunately for the journalists—but not so luckily for her captors—Sister María is not what she seems to be. Hiding behind her nun's habit, Gabriela puts her training to use to ensure the hostages' survival.


Dylan Cruz spent the better part of a decade with Seal Team Six, ridding the world of scum. Now an operative with Cobra International Security, he's sent to Venezuela with a small team to gather intel for a hostage rescue. Against all expectations, he gets valuable information from one of the hostages—a beautiful young nun. Sister María of the Gorgeous Brown Eyes puts R-rated thoughts in his mind, thoughts he has no business thinking. Then again, he always figured he'd end up in hell.


When the rescue fails, Dylan finds himself trapped in hostile territory with lovely Sister María. Together, they go underground to reach the Colombian border, but Sister María is full of secrets—and enticing surprises. Beneath that shapeless, gray habit is a woman whose abilities—and passions—are a match for Dylan's. As the desire between them ignites, what should have been a straightforward mission of evade&mdashand&mdashescape turns into a fight for survival against a murderous cartel boss who wants them both dead.

Hard Edge will be available on April 21. To read a short excerpt, click here

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The Cobra Elite series continues with Book 3 —HARD JUSTICE


Who can resist a sexy Scotsman? Not I. 

Book 3 of my Cobra Elite series brings us together again with the operators at Cobra International Security for a high-octane adventure on the streets of Glasgow, Scotland. The book is available for preorder now and will be out on December 17, just in time for holiday reading.


Here's a description of the story: 

Elizabeth Shields has always craved adventure. That's why she went to work for the CIA straight out of college. That's probably also the reason she feels drawn to Quinn McManus, a veteran of the British Special Air Service. The big Scotsman gives off a dangerous vibe that she can't resist. Yet, resist she must. She and Quinn both work for Cobra International Security, which has a strict policy against hook-ups between employees, and she's too much of a professional to date a coworker. She and Quinn can never be more than friends. But when his best buddy from the SAS is found murdered on the streets of Glasgow, Elizabeth will do all she can to help Quinn cope with the loss...and find the culprit.

Quinn McManus escaped a life of poverty by joining the British Army. His fellow soldiers became his family, forging a bond stronger than blood. Now, with his best friend dead, he needs Elizabeth's special skills to help track down the killer. He has no intention of getting physical with her. Rules are rules. But as their unofficial investigation heats up, so does the attraction between them. Still, he refuses to surrender. Because if they cross the line from friends to lovers, there will be no going back.


But some battles can't be won, and soon the passion between Quinn and Elizabeth ignites, hot enough to melt the cold Glasgow winter. As they move closer to the truth and to each other, they find themselves in the sights of a stone-cold killer, who won't hesitate to destroy them both to keep a terrible secret.


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The Cobra Elite series continues with HARD ASSET, the pulse-pounding sequel to HARD TARGET

Reunite with the operatives of Cobra International Security in HARD ASSET, the pulse-pounding sequel to HARD TARGET. The book is available for preorder now and has a release date of August 27. Here’s a description of the story.


A perilous mission… 

Shanti Lahiri’s tragic family history inspired her to fight for justice. Now a prosecutor with the International Criminal Court, she doesn’t have time for dating or relationships. When an investigation takes her to the Rohingya refugee camps in her father’s homeland of Bangladesh, the last thing she wants is an armed security team following her everywhere and frightening her already traumatized witnesses. But others who’ve tried to investigate these crimes have gone missing, and Shanti doesn’t want to be the next one to disappear. Despite her misgivings, she has no choice but to accept their protection. And, no, the fact that the team’s leader is lethally sexy has nothing to do with her decision.


An undeniable attraction… 

Connor O’Neal left the Unit—Delta Force—after a decade of war, scarred both inside and out. Now an operative with Cobra International Security, he’s been tasked with protecting Shanti in one of the most dangerous parts of the world. He can handle anything the bad guys throw at him, but nothing prepares him for the instant attraction he feels to Shanti. From the first moment he sees her, he wants her. Too bad, because clients are strictly off-limits, and he’s a man who follows the rules—most of the time. Besides, he can’t afford any distractions when Shanti’s life is on the line.


A merciless enemy… 

But something about Shanti breaks through Connor’s defenses, forcing him to confront his demons. As their mutual desire transforms into reckless passion, Shanti discovers evidence crucial to putting a mastermind of genocide behind bars. Connor knows her life is in immediate danger, but his plan to get her out of the country comes crashing down when a traitor strikes, leaving the two of them stranded in the jungles of Myanmar. Now on the run from a ruthless killer and his army, Connor and Shanti are fighting for survival—and a chance at the love of a lifetime.


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Hard Target launches a new high-octane I-Team spin-off series

With the I-Team and Colorado High Country series more or less completed — I never say never — it’s time I jumped back into romantic suspense. The Cobra Elite series focuses on the private military company started by Javier Corbray (the hero of Striking Distance) and Derek Tower (a character in Striking Distance and Seduction Game).


We’ll travel the world with the brave men and women who work for Cobra, starting with Derek Tower. Here’s a description of the story:

A life debt…
Derek Tower has spent his life at war, first as a Green Beret and then as the owner of a private military company, Cobra International Security. When a high-ranking US senator asks Cobra to protect his daughter, a midwife volunteering in Afghanistan, Derek’s gut tells him to turn the senator down. The last thing he wants to do is babysit an aid worker. But Jenna isn’t just another assignment. She’s also the younger sister of his best friend, the man who died taking bullets meant for him. There’s no way Derek can refuse.


An inescapable attraction…

Jenna Hamilton doesn’t need a bodyguard, especially not one hired by her intrusive and controlling father. She knew the risks when she signed on to work in rural Afghanistan, and the hospital already has armed security. She also doesn’t need the distraction of a big, brooding operative skulking about, even if he is her late brother’s best friend—and sexy as hell. As far as she’s concerned, he can pack up his Humvee and drive into the sunset. And, no, nothing her hormones have to say about him will change her mind.


A merciless enemy…

From the moment his boots hit the ground in Afghanistan, Derek does his best to win Jenna over, posing as her brother so the two of them can spend time alone. Except that what he feels for her is anything but brotherly. Stolen moments lead to secret kisses—and an undeniable sexual attraction that shakes them both to the core. But events have been set into motion that they cannot escape. When a ruthless warlord sets his sights on Jenna, Derek will do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if it costs him his heart—or his life.


I can’t wait to share the story, and the sexiness that is Derek, with all of you. The book will be out on April 25 in e-book and print.

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I-Team and Scarlet Spring heroes together in Chasing Fire


If that sounds like your idea of a perfect afternoon, you’ll want to grab Chasing Fire (An I-Team/Colorado High Country Crossover Novel). The idea came to me in July 2016 while listening to firefighters contain the Cold Spring Fire above Nederland. I wondered what would happen if Scarlet Springs were threatened by an out-of-control wildfire, and how it would go if some of the I-Team men just happened to be up there, too. 

All those heroes in one place. Talk about heat! 

Here’s the back blurb:

Fire chief Eric Hawke knows it’s only a matter of time until the next big wildfire. He’s done everything he can to prepare his crews for the inevitable. When high winds turn a small blaze into a raging crown fire that threatens Scarlet Springs, he, Brandon Silver, and the rest of Scarlet FD put their lives on the line to save the town and its citizens. But the one thing Hawke hadn’t planned for was bureaucratic red tape and waffling from higher-ups that could turn this crisis into a catastrophe. When his requests for support go unheeded, he’s faced with the prospect of watching the town he loves burn to ashes.

But sometimes help comes from unexpected places.

Marc Hunter, Julian Darcangelo, and Zach McBride are in the mountains above Scarlet Springs for an interagency training exercise when they see a single wisp of smoke to the west. What begins as a fun day of playing cops and bad guys soon becomes a battle against time, as they join forces with Hawke and members of the Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue Team to save friends trapped by the fire.

Together, they pit their strength and courage against a terrifying and unforgiving force of nature. Will it be enough? Or will the ravenous flames claim lives—and leave the people of Scarlet Springs forever scarred?


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Come back to Scarlet Springs with Holding On


The Colorado High Country series continues with Holding On (Book #6), which tells the story of Kenzie Morgan, a search-and-rescue dog trainer, and Harrison Conrad, a world-class alpinist. All of your favorite characters are back for a story of loss, redemption, and love—and puppies. Don’t forget the puppies!


A hero barely holding on… 

Harrison Conrad returned to Scarlet Springs from Nepal, the sole survivor of a freak accident on Mt. Everest. Shattered and grieving for his friends, he vows never to climb again and retreats into a bottle of whiskey—until Kenzie Morgan shows up at his door with a tiny puppy asking for his help. He’s the last person in the world she should ask to foster this little furball. He’s barely capable of managing his own life right now, let alone caring for a helpless, adorable, fluffy puppy. But Conrad has always had a thing for Kenzie with her bright smile and sweet curves.One look into her pleading blue eyes, and he can’t say no.


The woman who won’t let him fall… 

Kenzie Morgan’s life went to the dogs years ago. A successful search dog trainer and kennel owner, she gets her fill of adventure volunteering for the Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue Team. The only thing missing from her busy life is love. It’s not easy finding Mr. Right in a small mountain town, especially when she’s unwilling to date climbers. She long ago swore never again to fall for a guy who might one day leave her for a rock. When Conrad returns from a climbing trip haunted by the catastrophe that killed his best friend, Kenzie can see he’s hurting and wants to help. She just might have the perfect way to bring him back to the world of the living. But friendship quickly turns into something more—and now she’s risking her heart to heal his.


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