Colorado High Country Series


The first book in the Colorado High Country Series

Lexi Jewell and Austin Taylor broke each other’s hearts in high school. Now she’s back in Scarlet Springs—temporarily. After they become lovers again, Austin realizes he’ll lose her a second time if he can’t show her that what she’s searching for has been right here in Scarlet all along.

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The second book in the Colorado High Country Series

Victoria Woodley is done with men. Firefighter Eric Hawke has just one week to convince her to trust her heart and take a chance with him.

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The third book in the Colorado High Country Series

Getting involved with war widow Ellie Meeks is the riskiest thing former Army Ranger Jesse Moretti has ever done.

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The fourth book in the Colorado High Country Series

When Naomi Archer’s Colorado vacation takes a deadly turn, she has no idea that the EMT who saves her life will have the key to her past — and her heart.

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The fifth book in the Colorado High Country Series

Snowbound by a Christmas blizzard, Joe Moffat and Rain Minear are forced to face their feelings for one another.

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The sixth book in the Colorado High Country Series

Haunted by a climbing accident that claimed the lives of his best friend on Mt. Everest, Harrison Conrad returns to Scarlet Springs and retreats into a bottle of whiskey. Kenzie Morgan tries to bring him back to the world of the living by asking him to foster a puppy. As friendship becomes something more, Kenzie must risk her heart to heal his.

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An I-Team/Colorado High Country Crossover Novel

When a raging wildfire threatens to burn Scarlet Springs to the ground, Eric Hawke and the members of the Rocky Mountain Search and Rescue Team join together with Marc Hunter (I-Team) and his cop buddies to save the town they love.

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The 8th book in the Colorado High Country series

Shadow Wolf Jason Chiago and wildlife vet Winona Belcourt team up to track a wolf that is killing a wealthy rancher's livestock. But working closely side by side has consequences. As they move in on the wolf and uncover a more shocking truth, their attraction ignites into passion. And Jason realizes he must make a choice. He can either keep a deathbed promise to his grandmother to stay with his people or claim happiness with the love of his life.

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